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Catry International Group, Inc.

Catry 2-in-1 Scratching Pad

Catry 2-in-1 Scratching Pad

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Natural 2-in-1 Wall Mounted Cat Scratcher - with Additional Cat Grooming Brush Interactive Design

This Catry Scratching Pad is designed to draw your furry friends attention instantly. With it's high-quality durable sisal mat and non-toxic rubber materials, your cat will enjoy their playtime significantly with this product!

  • Natural Sisal Carpet 
  • Non-toxic rubber groomer
  • Hanging option


  • Yes, scratching is a healthy cat habit. We included a 100% natural sisal carpet for your cat to scratch. This scratcher will help keep your cat's nails trimmed and healthy while they stay away from your furniture!
  • Cats love to groom. Whenever their loving owners are not available to give them the scratches they need, Catry non-toxic rubber groomer is made available for any time of day.
  • Modern Design to Fit Any Home Space and Decor.

Cleaning Tips:

  • Gently use a lint roller or a small brush to remove any pet hair 
  • Wipe down wood with a microfiber cloth

Dimensions & Assembly Details

  • Item Dimensions: 10" x 1.6" x 17"
  • Model - CT210065

Shipping & Returns:

  • Please see our Shipping and Return policies HERE

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