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Catry International Group, Inc.

Gum Drop

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Bring your garden inside your home for a fun and exciting playground for your cats.

This fairytale cat tree comes with multiple platforms for your cat to play on, your cat will never be bored when you are away from home. Made into cute butterflies your cat will have endless toys to play with.

The Condo also allows your cat to sleep tucked away while feeling secure and comfortable in its bed. Comes with flower platforms covered in soft plush fabric for a more comfortable place to sleep.

Includes a Sisal stem scratch post for your cats to scratch instead of your furniture.

Standing at 31.5” the Gumdrop comes in a compact size perfect for small spaces while still providing all the necessary components of a cat tree for your cat.

Place in a kid’s room or living room this unique cat tree is sure to bring life and color to any room.

Item Dimensions: 25.6" x 17.7" x 31.5"

Model - CT200437

CT200437 Instruction Manual

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