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Catry International Group, Inc.

Catry Cat Tree with Scratching Post - A Cartoon Dinosaur Post 34'' Tall, Model CT210427

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  • What Your Furry Friend Needs: Our cat house with a cat scratching post offers your kitty a warm and cozy place to rest and nap undisturbed but also a fun play house that entertains your cat and stimulates its instincts while distracting it from ruining your sofa or scratch your walls.
  • Multifunctional Play House: This modern cat tree features a multifunctional design with a cute cat house equipped with a soft cat bed where your cat can retreat and indulge in its all-day sleep, and a cat post for your kitty to scratch and sharpen its claws, keeping it away from your furniture.
  • Stimulate Natural Instincts: The Catry cat furniture was specially engineered to offer your cat a safe and cozy place to relax but also to help stimulate its natural instincts. This kitty condo modern cat tower can help sharpen your cat���s hunting instincts, climbing skills or its heightened attention to the surrounding environment.
  • Highest Quality Materials: Our cat tower with scratching post is made with carefully selected, high-quality materials because your furry friend deserves the best! The cat climbing tower has a stable and robust construction designed with MDF board, a scratch post made of sisal and jute and a super soft and cozy material for endless snuggles and amazing comfort.
  • 13 x 13 x 33.5 inches; 8.51 Pounds

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