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 Four Level 3-in-1 Skyrise Cat Tree Tower

Cats love to climb and spend time on cat trees. Especially kitties who don’t have access to the outdoors; they might prefer cat trees with many levels and height to provide them with enough vertical territory that they need. Cats use vertical territory as a means to be secure and away from ‘predators.’

The Dynasty is multifunctional it provides cats with height, soft plush condos, perches, and a spring toy in the middle platform. Your cat will be able to play, rest, and climb the Dynasty as much as they would like. The spring toy was designed to bounce back as your cat plays with it, instead of just staying flat allows for a more interactive play time. The Dynasty also comes with multiple Paper Rope scratch post an ideal playground to keep your cats away from your sofa and furniture. Designed with a modern style and neutral color the Dynasty is easy to incorporate into any existing home décor and space.

Item Dimensions: 19.7" x 15" x 47.6"

Model - CT200232

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