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Catry International Group, Inc.

Catry's Felina

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  • A Must for Your Furry Friend: Looking for a way of preventing your cat from ruining your expensive furniture with constant scratching and clawing? Would you like for your best friend to enjoy a safe and comfortable space? The Catry cat trees and towers for large cats are the perfect choice!
  • Heavy Duty Construction: This cat scratch post is made with superior quality, highly durable materials, a combination of paper scratching post, MDF bottom board and plush fabric, being incredibly reliable and guaranteed to last!
  • Multi-Levels of Fun: Featuring 5 individual levels with multiple resting places, lounging area and scratching places, this tall cat tree provides endless entertaining possibilities, being suitable for sleeping, daytime naps, playtime and other activities!
  • Protect Your Home: This cat perch has convenient scratching posts that help your cat consume energy and keep them entertained for hours at a time, avoiding the temptation of scratching your expensive carpets, furniture, couch or drapes!
  • Modern and Elegant Design: Felina combines elements of the classic and modern cat tree house that nicely compliments any home decor. The cat house is easy to assemble on your own.
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