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Our Lana Cat Scratcher and Tunnel is a perfect multi-functioning play and scratch zone for your active kitty cat. This unique design is equipped with a 100% natural sisal scratching post that your cat may use to naturally trim their nails and claim as their own instead of your couch and other home furnishings! Enlighten your cats day with the multiple teasing toy options! This will provide them with joy and exercise, and provide you with many new cat photo opportunities. Gift your cat the purr-fect napping area with our soft plush tunnel! Great for cats to crawl into and hide after a big day at the office (looking out the window in your home). Or watch as they zoom and play. 


  • Lana includes a scratching post made with 100% natural sisal rope.
  • Lana includes three teaser toys for your cat to enjoy hours of playtime.
  • Lana is equipped with a soft plush tunnel.


  • Rest! Our cat scratcher is equipped with a soft plush tunnel that provides your cat with a space to hide and rest or peek their head out on the other end, for a playful and comforting experience.
  • Play! Our cat scratcher provides three teasing toys for your cat to enjoy hours of playtime!
  • Scratch! Yes, scratching is a healthy cat habit. We included a 100% natural sisal rope scratching post for your cat to scratch. This post will help keep your cat's nails trimmed and healthy while they stay away from your furniture!

Cleaning Tips:

  • Gently use a lint roller, a small brush, or a small handheld vacuum to remove any pet hair or dust.

Dimensions & Assembly Details

  • 15.5"L x 12.5"W x 16"H
  • The packaged weight is  4.83 lbs.
  • The assembled product weight is 4.74 lbs.
  • All tools and instructions are included for an easy assembly process
  • Model- CT230055

Shipping & Returns:

  • Please see our Shipping and Return policies HERE
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