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Rarely do we talk about how cats view the world and its colors. As most people don’t know, cats can only perceive certain color hues such as blue, gray, yellow and a bit of green. Which is what makes the cat tree Meadows so different.

Due to its light cerulean blue color this is a cat tree that will be sure to attract their attention to it. Not only that but it is also built with spacious perches allowing your cat to move with ease from level to level.

A soft Solid Chenille condo at the bottom offers privacy, and a warm lounging spot, to provide your feline friends a luxurious napping experience. They are also able to perch on top and play with the hanging pom pom toys.

The paper Rope posts allow for your cat to have an area meant for scratching. Means they will leave your furniture alone. Standing at 26 inches tall and 21 inches wide the Meadows is a smaller cat tree recommended weight of up too 15 to 20 pounds.

Item Dimension: 21" x 21" x 22"

Model PP17671

PP17671 Instruction Manual

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