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Petpals Group Inc.

Paper Rope Round Bed

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Petpals Paper Rope Round Bed with Plush Pillow

It's no secret cats love to sleep all day, every day, sometimes in cramped, small, and usual places. Therefore, finding a good quality resting place for your cat is very important.

This bed is layered with soft fleece providing the perfect cushion your kitten needs. Your cat will never want to leave!

This bed provides them with the shape they are looking for, similar to a basket; while keeping that softness and texture they need for a good quality nap.

The fleece cushion is removable making it easy to maintain and clean and place right back. Rest assured your cat will have a safe, comfortable, and all-natural environment to rest in.


Item Dimensions: 16.5" x 5"

Model - PP2124Z

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