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Midnight Molly

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Petpals Midnight Molly Cat Tree, 60.5" Cat Condo with Multi Scratching Post

The Midnight Molly is a 5-level award-winning cat tree! With its multi-level structure and plush coverings, cats have an activity tree to climb, play, scratch, and rest.

Constructed with 7 posts covered in Paper Rope, cats are provided with an area they can freely scratch away at. Scratch posts help keep them away from your furniture! Also featuring 3 feathered toys at different levels cats can interact and play.

This interactive cat tree is perfect for multiple cat households, aids in keeping the peace, and natural hierarchy between cats. The plush condo also provides timid cats with a secure place to lay in comfortably.

The top perch comes with beveled edges where they can safely perch on as they survey their surroundings from up top. Levels at different angles aids in an easy transition from bottom to top. Comes in a Coffee & Crème color to incorporate easily into any existing home décor.


Item Dimensions: 23" x 15" x 605"

Model - PP5469CC

PP5469CC Instruction Manual

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