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Walk Up

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Petpals Walk Up Recycled Paper Cat House With Perch

It is important to know what your cat is coming in to contact with, which is why we make sure to construct our products with internationally tested, and safe materials.

The Walk Up provides just that, made with 100% natural Paper Rope it is non- toxic; rest assured your cat will not come in to contact with any harsh materials. With a modern design and neutral colors, it is easy to incorporate into any existing home décor.

The Walk Up also comes with a Sisal Rope component which allows your cat to file its nails and maintain them healthy. Its main feature is the Hand-woven condo layered with fleece at the bottom for a comfortable and secure place for your cat to nap in.

The perch at the top is weaved into grooves making it more comfortable and secure as your cat stays up top it will be safe.

Item Dimensions: 19" x 19" x 29"

Model - PP2574

PP2574 Instruction Manual

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