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PetPal's Quartz Cat Tree

Five Level Cat Tree With Paper Rope Scratching Posts, Shag Fur Cushion, and Handwoven Bowl

This cat tree is the perfect playground for your cat. With a series of levels and vantage points, it is wrapped in soft fleece to give it a softer look. Paper rope is used to create the scratch posts to allow your cat to build a positive scratching habit instead of going after your furniture. It’s easy to keep clean by using just soap and water.

This stylish eco Friendly condo is made of a durable brown recycled paper rope making this cat tree easy to style with the modern décor that you already own.

This tree features a built-in toy that hangs from the handwoven bowl, and one that sits on top of a small perch. This tree stands at 36 inches it will fit in well as a stand-alone piece, into the existing décor of your household.


Item Dimensions: 20” x 20” x 35”  


PP210341 Instruction Manual

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