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Cat Bed with Scratching Post and Teasing Scratching Post

It's no secret cats love to sleep all day, every day, sometimes in cramped, small, and usual places. Therefore, finding a good quality resting place for your cat is very important.
This bed is placed above a large base composed of a Sisal mat to provide your cat a positive and welcoming place to scratch. Its compact size also allows you to move it around the house and keep your companion near you whether it be beside the bed, by your office desk, or in the living room.
This bed will keep them off your furniture by providing them with their own space and keeping them near you at the same time. This elevated bed is large enough for one or multiple cats, and is padded with a soft and comfortable plush fabric. Its height will also offer cats a sense of security by being of the floor or away from other household pets. Rest assured your cat will have a safe, comfortable, and all-natural environment to rest in.

Item Dimensions: 22.8" x 15.7" x 19.3" 


CT200510 Instruction Manual

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