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Catry International Group, Inc.

Catry Sunflower Cat Tree - Natural All-in-1 Cat beds and Furniture, with Cute Bees Toys and Scratching Post, Model-CT19400

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  • LOUNGE IN CAT BED - What does a cat most often do? The answer is always chilling. Our Catry cat bed with a scratching post is a sunflower cat tree for your cute kitten to lazily recline. The well-designed cat bed tenderly holds the cat like a lover's hug. And the cat tower offers cats an option to chill out from a higher view with their endless curiosities from the ground.
  • PLAY BY CLAWS - What else does a cat do other than sleep? Of course, it's PLAY, by their Claws! Catry cat scratching post always provides a mate-like attraction to cats. This Catry cat tree is meant to design as an all-size product for purposes. By the scratching post with high-quality green color sisal materials, kittens will enjoy their play by their "hunter's" claws. We make sure that our Catry scratch posts always draw pets' attention ASAP.
  • SUNFLOWER CAT TREE - Catry Design is always aiming at the principle that making the products nicer and easier. By putting the idea of sunflower, we have successfully brought this simple and cute-looking cat tree product to all the kitten owners. It will never get disappointing by drawing the cat���s attention. It's cute. It attracts.
  • DESIGN FOR A CAT LOUNGE - As a kitty bed, Catry cat beds for indoor cats always see the cat's demands as a priority. With all tools and instructions included, Catry devotes all design purposes to sturdier cat shelves structure, easier cat furniture installation, and cleaning.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY CONTROL - With more than 20 years of manufacturing experience in the pet supply industry, Catry has kept challenging to break any limitations of the best quality products. 100% guaranteed return with your satisfaction, you have our words.

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